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There are some projects I have participated in.

Chick fil a Design System and UI Library preview

Chick fil a Design System and UI Library


CFA Design system & UI library project provides a set of React UI components can be used in any React Frontend projects, help developers to build CFA branded desktop and mobile web applications. It’s responsive and with the accessibility features built-in.

Vodafone DX preview

Vodafone DX

Web & mobile

Vodafone DX project is about to rebuild Vodafone Website and Mobile app with cutting-edge technology.

BUCK preview


Web & mobile

BUCK is creative payment mobile application project of Westpac, it provides a the fast, easy, and free way to pay friends and get money from them.

Cyber Vertex News Portal preview

Cyber Vertex News Portal


The Cyber Vertex project integrates cybersecurity and digital forensics news data and learning resources. Provide a one-stop network security-related content provision platform. It also provides some social functions, to help learners to communicate and learn in a technical community. It may promote the development of cybersecurity and digital forensics field.

CCTV.com preview



China Central Television is the predominant public television broadcaster in Mainland China. CCTV has a network of 50 channels broadcasting different programmes and is accessible to more than one billion viewers. The cctv.com is the portal of CCTV.

QDD preview



Multi-player real-time online competitive games, users can layout football players and start a competition. You can exchange points by battles and get corresponding prizes.

CBox preview



CBox is the most authoritative video client to watch CCTV (China Central Television) and dozens of Chinese local TV programs on the Internet. It has more than 300 million users and it is still growing.

Time Signet preview

Time Signet


A Wechat app to add text to the photos to record the baby's age, days of acquaintance and times of going to the gym.

Endless Nails preview

Endless Nails


A leisure game which was designed and developed by myself and released it on the AppStore. The cumulative number of downloads has exceeded 36 thousand.

Charging Spacecraft preview

Charging Spacecraft


A casual action game for charging spacecraft to navigate in the interstellar space.

Pew Pew Pew preview

Pew Pew Pew


An indie game which illustrates a story of a web developer who dive in web world and save his inspiration.

Showstopper Basketball preview

Showstopper Basketball

Facebook Game

Flash 3D basketball game, in this game you can manage your team, upgrade your players, and dunk on your opponents all from Facebook.

Pocket Gridiron preview

Pocket Gridiron

Facebook Game

In this game you can manage your team, upgrade your roster, and move the chains in a mobile football gaming experience on Android and iOS

eingzone.com preview



Blog widget personalized music player website, users can DIY and share music player. User can choose hundreds of music player styles. The highest number of registered users reached 2000 per day, and the total number of registered users exceeded 1.5 million.

Online Customer Service System preview

Online Customer Service System


This online customer service system includes live broadcast, online whiteboard and chatting features.