October 6, 2020

Add low maintenance succulent plants to my work from home desk setup

Andy Cao
Add low maintenance succulent plants to my work from home desk setup

Why plants on the desk

I almost spend more than 10 hours on front of my desk. For 8 hours working and other 2-3 hours learning or having fun with video or articles.

I really want to add some vigour and vitality to my desktop.

To make me to have the feeling, this is not only a static space, it is a habitat, it is alive.

On the other hand, you know, sometime, you just want to take care of someone else or looking after something makes you feel fulfilling, even it is tiny or small low-maintenance plant.

3D printed pots with plants

white guy front

white guy top view

white guy side view

One day, you show they’re growing, they started to have a new fresh petal of leaves, some of them are changing color. These could be the wonderful moments you want to capture and remember.

close show of the cube

top view of the cube

another top view of the cube

This is why I want to have some plants on desk, In my mind the best low maintenance house plants are the succulent plants. It’s just like fake desk plants but real.

Utilizing 3d-printer for making the pots is another interesting thing. There’re a lot of cool designs over the internet. You just need to simply download the STL files and slice the models and send it to your printer. Waiting for couple of hours, you will have a unique succulent plant pot now. I found some designs are really creative and beautiful.

printing the cube

printing the white guy

Here’re the collection of mine. some of them are really cool, like the self watering pot 3d print pots in the below list. If you’re interesting in these pots, just check and print it out.

3d printing models pots