Everybody needs hobbies


3D Printing

I started my 3D printing journey in 2021, my first 3D printer was Creality Ender 3 v2. 3D printing is a fun hobby which is low-cost, easy to learn, and useful. It provides a platform to channel creativity with three-dimensional designs. You can easily output your 3D ideas and design from your brain to reality.


RC Hobby

Using RC planes and devices to build my own robots.

Making RC aeroplane was one of my dream in my childhood. When I was in primary school I have seen some magazines that introduced how to make RC aeroplane, I was shocked by the content and started to absorb the information that I can get. But actually, for a long period of time, I cannot get the right data or cannot find the right place to buy the components I need. Thanks for the Internet development and I can quickly find the groups and tutorials which let me enjoy to make or even design aircraft by myself.



I feel that drawing is an easy way to express your ideas and also an efficient way to communicate with others. When I first time decided to draw something seriously was that when I saw the famous cartoon series of the Dragon Balls which created by Toriyama Akira. I keep this hobby as a tool to record some ideas or an approach for design.


Video Editing

I don’t think human’s memory is very stable and accurate. Sometimes, when we recall the things that happened before we can only remember the blurred pictures. I consider video as an external memory for very precise and detailed information. Especially when I have my child, I try to record all the key memories.