July 4, 2020

My productive WFH setup introduction and desk tour of 2022

Andy Cao
My productive WFH setup introduction and desk tour of 2022


From Last year, I am working from home for the most of time, that made me to reconsider my desktop setups and working environment at home. I did some research, DIY some gadgets, bought some LED strips, two monitors, monitor stands, mechanical keyboard and new mouse. Iteratively to change the layout and reorganize the cables. It was a such great time to rethinking how the setups and arrangements can affect my daily work and productivity.

I change and update my main desk setup consistently, so I realise that I should make a video or write a blog post to record current state of it. So, I can look back after months or years, to do the comparison, that may be very interesting.

my wfh desk setup from right side

I am working standing up

I am typing on front of the monitors


Why I want to write this articles? I think there're two main reason for it.

  • For recording, I always have some new ideas come out of my mind. So I try to change my setups if I think I need. The notes of the thinking process will give me a chance to review and to use it as a reference.
  • Sharing with others. I found lots of people want to setup, design and optimise their daily work environment. Share these ideas can help others or give others some inspirations.

The super big desk is one satisfying part of my setups

The cable management under the desk

To be continue...