December 31, 2020

Annual Summary of 2022

Andy Cao
Annual Summary of 2022

It’s another year in the blink of an eye, and I’m trying to summarize my experience of the year before the end of the last day of 2022

In the first half of the year, the theme of my previous work was to keep changing projects. As of October, I participated in 3 projects, 2 of them work with US team and 1 of them was working with Australia company, and learnt a lot of new (old) technologies.

Around August-September, I thought about changing jobs. With the help of my friends, I passed the interview smoothly. I started my second job in NZ at the end of October. Great new work experience so far!

Christmas party of new company

Before changing jobs, I updated my personal website ( I re-architected it with Next.js and updated the CI/CD. It was originally used to find a job, but I did't use it at all.

New version of my personal website

In between jobs, the family traveled to New Zealand's south-central North Island, visiting Tauranga, Rotorua and Taupo.

Trip of middle of northern island

I accepted an interview from the Duck Community, and introduced the reasons for moving overseas to New Zealand and some of my mental journey. The link is here:

Interview by Dianya

English is improving every year. Although there is still a distance from the goal I want to achieve, it is slow and steady. This year, I felt that I am more confident in English writing.

I started to get used to reading English books, and I read about 10 books. Start dabbling and liking some psychology and productivity aspects. I should make a book list and post it later.

Taking notes has finally become a natural habit. I started taking notes from 2019. The number of notes has exceeded 2k. I also have more experience in organizing notes. The templates are also fully updated. My second brain system is initially successfully built.

My new notion notes taking system

At the end of December, I went to the northernmost part of the North Island, passing through Whangārei, Pahia, Russell, and finally arriving at Cape Reinga Lighthouse. Admire the magnificence of the northernmost and South Pacific Ocean, play sand surfing, and felt the boundlessness of "90 Mile Beach". Although I have seen the beautiful scenery for 3 years, I still deeply love the pure nature and friendly people of New Zealand.

Northern part of New Zealand

Cape Reinga Lighthouse

Thankfully, the kid doesn't need me to worry at all and continues to thrive. Like to try all kinds of new things, not only join the swimming class, singing performances, roller skate and music skills also have some progress. Received an Excellent Work Habit award at her school.

My daughter's school prize giving assembly